High Contrast – Snowflakes for IPhone and IPad

The second in a series of apps designed to stimulate and excite the minds of young children.

From – “a newborn’s vision is not perfectly developed at birth: Their eyes don’t focus well yet, so everything in their environment is a bit blurry. Solid-colored items hold babies’ interest less than back-and-white patterned ones because solids just aren’t as distinct-looking: The patterns grab their visual attention. Young babies’ eyes are drawn to contrasts (especially black and white ones), whether polka dots, stripes, checkerboards, or bull’s-eyes.

This app pleasantly transitions through 50 different high-contrast snowflake designs, with a soothing piano and cello musical track.  The app requires no interaction once started and will infinitely loop through the patterns and shapes until the app is closed.

This app is available for both iPad and iPhone in the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

For support or sales information, please email

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